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CloudDiver 09-07-2012 01:13 AM

Fender with the tire mounted to check spacing and fit one last time. Good thing I did, the front was a little off and I was able to tweak it a little. Better now than after paint!

CloudDiver 09-07-2012 01:14 AM

This side looks better than the chain side, IMO.

CloudDiver 09-07-2012 01:15 AM

I'm an ASS man...

CloudDiver 09-07-2012 01:15 AM

CloudDiver 09-07-2012 01:17 AM

Here is the frame back from bead blasting...The guy picked it up at my office this morning at 10am and had back to me at 1:30!!!

CloudDiver 09-07-2012 01:18 AM

All the steel parts blasted (plus the fender struts, aluminum) ready to go to Hot Dog. I've got another big trunk with all the small bits wrapped up in foam. I forgot to put the handle bars and front fender in this pic, but they were blasted too.

CloudDiver 09-07-2012 01:23 AM

That's it for now... off to paint and a much needed break for me while Hot Dog works his magic. While the stuff is in paint I'll get my Hell Bents out to Jet Hot and get my disaster of a shop cleaned up. When I get everything back from Hot Dog I might have a new shop to work in for assembly. My buddy has a huge finished garage with a lift and he offered to let me build there. He's a Trucker and never home but his place is about a 40 minute drive from Phoenix so I've got to think about it. Until then... I'm gonna chill.

HellionsMC 09-07-2012 04:10 AM

Looking good, what style of paint you leaning toward? Flames, panels, pinstriping, or something else?

Half-Fast 09-07-2012 05:56 AM

Looking good! Pete is great to work with. He does top quality work.

chopperfugger 09-07-2012 09:24 AM

Can't go wrong now - you should be able to assemble it in no time
after paint.

flysocal77 09-07-2012 11:16 AM

Yup so far so good.

CloudDiver 09-07-2012 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by HellionsMC (Post 1197111)
Looking good, what style of paint you leaning toward? Flames, panels, pinstriping, or something else?

Pinstriping is the plan, but I told Hot Dog he could pretty much do what ever he feels is right for the bike. I don't mind flames when they are done right, but I have seen to many flames that I don't like so I kind of shy away from that. I love panel jobs, and many members here have some killer panel paint schemes. For the most part Hot Dog will do Pin Striping and work in whatever he feels looks right. Thats what i love about his work, its timeless... doesen't matter what year he painted it, it looks just as cool today as it would have 20 years ago and will still look great 20 years from now.

BTW, just my luck... I'm wanting to leave work soon to drive back to San Diego with a truck bed full of raw steel parts and its raining like a Banshee... I've got some huge contractor size garbage bags for the frames, small parts are in a big Pelican Trunk, and everything else gets crammed in my extended cab.

CloudDiver 09-07-2012 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by chopperfugger (Post 1197128)
Can't go wrong now - you should be able to assemble it in no time
after paint.

I hope so... I think the wiring will be a challenge, even with that fancy digital relay box I have. I decided to go with a modified internal wire run, I only have the hole under the backbone behind the motor mount, and then one on the left side of the backbone near the neck, center above the web gusset. Since my coils are under the bike those wires will never have to go up that way. Only the headlight and control butoon wire loom will pass through that hole. They will join the ignition/key switch wires behind the motor mount and they will go down between the cylinders on the right side and tuck in under the bike, wrapped inside a Vulcan Fire-Sleeve... Its going to be some real detail work getting all the wires put in the right places, packed tight, shrink wrapped, and protected/covered. I'm sure I'll spend a good 2 weeks on wiring alone before any major drive components go in the frame.

jsp 09-07-2012 05:34 PM

If you don't mind how much does he charge for paint? Need to save for mine. Pm me if you like

jsp 09-07-2012 05:37 PM

Wiring is not to bad if you keep it simple. I do bare minimal.

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