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Old 04-27-2022, 07:15 AM
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I have been buying, riding and building scoots for decades: Just saw this in another forum: Not my post, Its a good forum, lotsa good info

Cant vouch for accuracy, so do your own research I did a quick search on this supposed database, but couldnt find any real info:

Something VERY important that came to pass during 2020/2021.

As of January 1, 2021 -- all states are part of the National Motor Vehicle Title Service. There were still a few hold outs until recently.

While title service and the following state issued title like this "were" legit just a few years ago -- they will most likely get kicked out of titling going forward. The reason is that VINs used to only be scanned for theft or salvage record. Now they are scanned for duplicates or never existing numbers

Because all 50 states are now involved . . a lot of stuff will get found very fast as vehicles change hands in coming years.

Numbers that never existed, duplicates, or that have mistakes on a title will result in an inspection . . and pretty much all of these bikes will fail. A tampered VIN is a failed VIN. Doesn't matter if it is historic, it's invalid.

I learned this the hard way earlier this month when I learned some goofball cloned a VIN on one of my bikes and applied for a Pennsylvania title, which invalidated my legal Illinois title and flagged everything because two totally different bikes are carrying the same VIN. I can prove my bike is the original holder and I've had legal title more than a decade. But, even with paperwork from the previous two owners going back to the 90s, paperwork from a legit (big) dealer, an attorney, a VALID original title and a confirmable VIN, I'm staring at 3-6 months to clear it up. All because the system caught this duplicate and noted the difference in vehicles. Just 10 years ago, this would have sailed through without a hitch and likely an insurance company would have noticed before the DMV in the respective states.

So, be very careful even if there is a clean title. The world is very, very different now than it used to be and a lot of the stuff I got away with for the last 30 years is being clamped down on.

Even Vermont has joined the fray and so there's not really anywhere to "clean" titles anymore or deal with these messed up things as easily as we used to.

SO................ I always wondered: if someone used a title service and gave them a VIN, how does one know if the VIN isnt already associated with an active title in another state?

Example: Someone builds a Pan motor, or gets a left bottom end case, and the VIN boss is blank from the parts company they bought it from:
So not to deal with MSO's or PIA to get a state issued VIN, builder or owner just make up a VIN and sends it off to the title company, and WALA, you get the paperwork you need to get the state to issue a title. Or its stolen, it got a new case, and stamped a number

Now I understand VIN checks are done by title companies when one uses them: but how thorough is the check?: Only a theft database, etc? These title companies were great for those that inherit a bike whose title has been lost thru the years, or honest restorers. But frankly, a huge loophole for those not honest

I have to say, its about time there was a natl database of VINs: Ill bet there are a BUNCH of scoot owners out there that might be surprised when they move to another state, etc, go for a new title, and up pops up, "Sorry, that VIN is already being used"

Ouch...................And it would really suck if you bought the bike with the correct title, had it registered for years, rode it for thousands of miles, and then you move and find out all along there are two bikes out there (And it could be more) with the same VIN!

Thats why I always questioned the whole title service thing: Looks like this new database has been in effect for almost 18 months now. Wonder if this database is being screened now for duplicate issued VINs, or a vin is only checked by this new database when a title is applied for?

And how many owners will get nailed by this thinking they had a righteous buy: And title services do cars
, boats, RVs, etc

Your thoughts?
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Old 10-26-2022, 04:01 PM
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what about a bike custom built and motor with bill of sale but has lien on the bike it came from? what happens in that situation?
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