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Oldsmobile5798 11-01-2021 11:57 AM

Engine starts like a champ now on 5in tall AGM $80 battery that has a 9mo warrentee not like the Antigravity price tag of $225. and 3 mos warrentee.
So Im still having issues with posting jpg pics from my computer. My wife couldn't do it and she knows more about it than me. they want the url #, when i slide the pic off off the computer and into the space I get a big international NO???**)

golfish 11-01-2021 03:20 PM

I can't help you with the pics. I use a picture hosting site ..

Oldsmobile5798 11-01-2021 08:56 PM

Ahhaaaaa, So Aint Crazy! This picture site is not exactly Picture Express LOL Sure is driving me Crazy. Well like I always say Nothins Easy Everythings Hard

Spade115 11-03-2021 06:57 AM

you should be able to add pictures to your post, on one of your post, click the camera and it will take you to your personal camera space. you can put a few pictures (3 pages, maybe 12 each page) and use the [img] code to post pictures. (hope this helps)

Oldsmobile5798 11-11-2021 11:48 AM

Thanks Spade, Ill give it a try. I went as far as to change from JPG to PDF to reduce to 70KB cause mine were MB and too large. So I got them to 70kb and tried it but it said my token ran out. Whatever that means I don't know. So will follow your instructions and really appreciate the heads up.:whacked:

Oldsmobile5798 11-11-2021 12:43 PM

The file you uploaded was not an acceptable format.: imgtopdf_0311210035024.pdf

This is what the error was this time. it seems it don't like pdf however my phone takes jpg images and they are way too large and can't be reduced in size so I down loaded a jpg to pdf app that supposedly according to my wife allows them to be reduced small enough if you get the photo Pad software which I downloaded from my computer and reduced it size to 72kb which is what the site said it needs. but now its saying it don't like the format which I'm guessing is PDF. So I guess you take pics from your phone and they are IMG but they are small below 73KB. If you agree with that it makes sense to me and Ill have to see if I can convert my phone to take smaller pics as they are in MB. I get it if you don't want to get tangled up in this mess. My Wife don't, she said she tried everything she knows to get it to work. I just say how come everybody else knows how but us. Maybe I should start a new thread. How do I kill this one.

Spade115 11-12-2021 07:55 AM

if you save the JPeg to your computer, Right click on the picture to "Edit" from their click on "resize" and drop it down 50/50 and try to upload.

worst case, let me know ill pm you my email and upload it.

golfish 11-12-2021 09:10 PM

I spend a few dollars and use Imagehack. It really makes life easier ...

Oldsmobile5798 11-20-2021 08:42 PM

pic puzzel
Thanks Spade and Goldfish. Again you Guys are very helpful. I loaded an image resizing program on my phone where the image was taken. Its now down to 69KB and seems to be somewhat acceptable resolution if thats what they call it. lol I will try to get the picture on this now and see it it takes the image or if it likes the numbers.:o Here goes, if it don't show up you might have a guess figured out.

Oldsmobile5798 11-20-2021 08:51 PM


Oldsmobile5798 11-20-2021 08:56 PM


Oldsmobile5798 11-20-2021 09:08 PM

Ok will try tomorrow sometime as I got to take canopy roof off, getting down into 30 deg weather. and don't want to destroy it totally. I wasn't getting that photo thing to open here like last time but i clicked on the above photo image which opened to File Http:// so I copy and pasted my photo origin and did it twice so at least the Image file showed up but not the picture. Note There are no photos in my photo gallery here, is that a problem? Getting warm maybe V GN

Poop 11-22-2021 06:51 AM


That filepath will only work on your computer, because it gives directions for where to find the image stored on your harddrive. Nobody else can see the photo, even if you're able to.

Oldsmobile5798 11-24-2021 12:37 AM

Photo Fun
oKAY pOOP, WOULD YOU please be so kind as to tell me what my file path should look like. Other than having trouble in maintaining the 73Kb rule I also am having trouble with the top 10 compression resizer Apps, FREE, that is so I got one I was buying on the play store called Chitro which has a 5 Star rating but Google made me change my password and screwed the pooch for me tonight anyway. But the Free Squashers were leaving the bike looking grainy or twisted.:LOL:

Poop 11-24-2021 06:23 AM

Sounds rough, Bud!

Maybe take Spade up on his generous offer above. Either way, have a happy Thanksgiving. :)

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