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Old 02-19-2021, 06:42 PM
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Ultima 113" No Oil Pressure

I have an Ultima 113" that I bought back in '08 along with a frame from Milwaukee Iron and for many reasons, have just gotten it up and running about a month ago. I guess you would say N.O.S.

On first startup I pulled the spark plugs and cranked it over until I had oil pressure (the idiot light went off). Once I got it to run and idle nicely, the oil light would go off immediately after it fired up.... GREAT!

After a few heat cycles on the table lift and running it through the gears and then cooling to stone cold. It sat overnight and I had a small bit of oil on the bottom of the motor. Initially after doing some searching around here and other sites, it seemed likely that I had bad oil pump gaskets etc.

I took off the cam chest cover and the oil pump. All the keys etc were reinstalled along with new gaskets. Made sure that my pinion, cam and breather were all in alignment as they should be. Got it all back together and pulled the plugs again and cranked, and cranked, and cranked some more. NO OIL PRESSURE! Or at least the oil light was still on.

Thinking that I may have done something inside to the gears/keys etc, I tore it all back down again yesterday. The shaft key in the cam chest was in and driving the pump shaft. The two pump gear keys were also in etc. I did not tear into anything further the first time other than gaskets. I did however replace the lip seal in the pump between the pressure and scavenge chambers on the first tear down.

I bought more new gaskets this afternoon and this time at the only place that had them, had them as a kit from S&S. I bought the kit and it came with the o-rings for the two relief springs, new springs, ball and slide along with keys and gaskets.

As I did NOT tear the pump down on the first go-around, I did this time. The soft spring and ball plug was removed and it had a nasty o-ring that was ripped out the side and hanging out under the cap. At least I now know this was my original leak, not the pump gaskets. So after assembly lube on the drive shaft and on the keys, I put it all back together double checking that my drive keys were all in proper.

Oh, I also purchased a new oil pressure switch just in case. Before I took the pump down today for the second time, I hooked up my ohm meter to the oil pressure switch and I was hoping that when it started that the ohm meter would go from continuity to open.... But it did not. I pulled out the pressure switch and set my air pressure regulator to 10 psi and hooked up my ohm meter to the lead and the case. Without air, it showed continuity just like it should. While I hit it with 10 psi the continuity went south and the contact was open, just like it should. I tested the new switch I purchased today just in case and it functioned the same, so I put back in my original pressure switch.

I just cranked it over with the plugs out again and the oil light stayed on. I put the plugs back in and started it up for a few seconds, no oil pressure.

That's the long story. I had good pressure before I replaced the gaskets the first time and now two sets of gaskets and springs/checks etc, still no oil pressure.

I have hard line pump inlet line and that cannot get screwed up. I have my line out the bottom of the pump going to my filter and then the other filter line goes back to my oil pump for the return. This is exactly the same plumbing that I had on the initial pre-problem startup. During the most recent short engine run, I checked in the oil tank and no return oil. Before the very first tear down, I looked inside the oil tank and I had what I thought was a good return flow, not spraying with pressure, but flowing out of the return line into the tank.

I know that oil the feed line is clear as that's how I drained my oil tank this time for the tear down. The oil flowed from the end of the line freely, albeit a bit slow as my garage is only 60 degrees and its Harley 20w50 dino oil.

So what might my problem be?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance, your help is greatly appreciated.

Fill it back up
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Old 02-19-2021, 07:39 PM
Club Chopper Member
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Location: O'Fallon, MO
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Just doing more research and I see that some guys have to prime their oil pump before it gets pressure.

They say to remove the spring and ball check and let it gravity flow up through the pump until it's at the top of the check ball galley.

I didn't have to prime the pump after the new motor sat for 12 years, just cranked it without the plugs and oil pressure came up.

I'll try to prime it tomorrow and let you all know.


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Old 02-20-2021, 08:21 AM
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I am no professional, but I just pulled apart an EVO that I went through years ago and found that the gasket was partially obstructing the oil port. Is it possible that your gasket is not lining up with the port on the block?
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Old 02-20-2021, 03:52 PM
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Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: O'Fallon, MO
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I used assembly lube when I put it all back together and didn't think I would have any issues. I ended up priming the pump and warming up my feel line to at least get the first bit of oil flow good enough to stay primed. I pulled the plugs and rolled it over with the rear tire for a few minutes and the oil light went out. I started it up and the light was still out, but I didn't have any return flow. I let it run for about three minutes and the return started to spurt a bit and then became a good flow.

So all is good NOW!

Thanks for looking.

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