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Dan Lockwood 01-11-2021 09:50 AM

Badland Digital Mirror Installation Question????
Good afternoon all.

I saw the other Badlands thread, but in my case it's not applicable and decided to start my own thread.

This will probably be my 3rd post on the forum, so I hope I tick all the boxes correctly...

I purchased a Milwaukee Iron Boardtrack Racer Bike project from Randy Simpson a few months before he liquidated his business. To handle the gauges on the bike, I purchased a set of Badland Digital Mirrors directly from Badlands.

Fast forward from '09. I know have the bike mechanically finished as well as paint. I have most of the wiring completed using Ultima 18-533 wiring harness assembly. When I looked for the instructions and the power supply and push button, I could NOT find them after 11 years, go figure...

I know have the schematic and installation instructions. I'll inert/attach them for others to use if needed.

I have two issues of concern:

The schematic shows the power supply with the input 12v DC switched, OK, and the other wiring grounded, OK! Then the output of the power supply is just stated as 5v DC and shows two wires, a grey and a blue.... BUT does not identify if both are a 5v DC output or if one is (-) and the other is (+). It would be purely speculation on my part to say the grey is (-) and the blue is (+).

I have hot wired the power to a power supply I purchased from Amazon and have confirmed that it does have 5v DC as an output between the two output leads, on marked (-) on the supply and one marked (+). They are what they have indicated.

I have tried just about every combination of hooking up the mirror blue and grey wires without any results.

The other issue I have is that it CLEARLY states on the schematic, DON'T BE A STOOGE! DO NOT hook 12v DC to the mirrors. So that leads me to the next concern.

As shown on the Badlands schematic, the appropriate wires get hooked to the bike side wiring to give a signal to the mirrors. In my case I'm pretty sure that the bike side wiring signals will be 12v DC. See clip from Ultima schematic.

The upper left is the indicators from the bike side wiring. The top wire is a 12v (+) and the bottom wire is a (-) ground. I may be wrong, but this seems to me to then have 12v DC outputs to the indicators that will become the inputs to my mirrors.

This may not be an issue as they may only be read as inputs signals to trip the internal circuitry of the mirrors, which internally powered at 5v DC. The two may never cross paths as in the coil in a relay and the power outputs of said relay never cross paths.

I just wish the Badlands schematic said (-) or (+) on the drawing. I've never seen a power supply with two outputs and not ground within them. It shows a four wire power supply and that's exactly what I now have.


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

And a separate calibration page

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, by the way, here's what my bike looks like at the moment with just one tank half mounted for the pictures etc.

JamesS 01-13-2021 12:26 PM

Seems really simple.
I cant see a whole bunch of diff ways to hook up the grey and blue wires.
And why? - when its clear how they need to be connected.
Make sure your ground is proper , they suggest back to the battery negative terminal which is proper..
Make sure you are testing with the battery fully charged and everything properly mounted and secured.
The parts may be protecting themselves with a cut out or internal breaker as well.
Its tough to diagnose online , I could spend hours emailing back and forth , but if I was standing next to the bike might see the problem quicker.
Good luck!

Dan Lockwood 01-13-2021 07:36 PM

Thanks James!

I'll do some other checks and hook ups and post back.

Thanks again and have a great evening.


Dan Lockwood 01-14-2021 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by JamesS (Post 1287913)
Seems really simple.
I cant see a whole bunch of diff ways to hook up the grey and blue wires.
And why? - when its clear how they need to be connected.

Good luck!

James, got to thinking about this again yesterday afternoon while going over things on the bike and the schematics again.

I do NOT have the original 12v to 5v power supply, but the one I have shown in my post. That being said, the power supply I have has a (+) yellow wire and a black (-) wire. I have the black wire to my ground strip and the yellow as power out at 5v DC.

The schematic does not show (-) or (+), only grey and blue wires. (again I do not have the original power supply with a grey and blue wire) If I hook up the mirror's blue wire to the power supply (+) yellow wire and the grey wires to my ground strip, I do not get any indication that the mirrors are working when I feed the left mirror turn signal purple with white stripe with my 9v test battery as an input. Maybe the 9v test battery voltage is too low to trigger the internal relay coil in the mirrors. I'm heating up my garage now and will try to up it to a 12v input on the purple/white wire.

But again, I'm a little confused as to whether the original 5v power supply actually had two 5v (+) outputs or if one was (-) and the other was the (+). The schematic is probably good enough if I had the original power supply.

One last thing that is odd is that my turn signals and hi beam wiring harness indicator outputs are 12v, which would be needed if I had just plain bulbs in a panel to light up when the turn signals or the hi beam was on. Just like my '76 FLH has on the cluster. If that's the case, then I AM using a 12v input to the mirrors, but NOT as a mirror power supply, which is 5v. Then is should be safe to feed the purple/white wire with 12v DC, right???

I'm just rambling now, sorry... :(

I do appreciate your help and taking the time to go over the information I've provided in the thread.

Thanks very much again!

Dan Lockwood

Dan Lockwood 01-14-2021 05:34 PM

Okay, I just wired up both mirrors and did the 12v switched power to the right mirror's orange wire along with connecting both blue wires together and both grey wires together. I combined the two blue and the two grey to the 5v DC output of the power supply.

I figured that with this wire configuration that I should at least get all zeros on the speedo LEDS, but nothing lit up. While wired this way, I also tried to send a 12v input to the purple/white left turn signal and should have seen a left turn arrow on the left mirror, but got nothing.

I've confirmed that I still have 5.0v at the supply when all is hooked up.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks, Dan

JamesS 01-15-2021 07:35 AM

Get rid of that garbage.
You've most likely blown the components anyway with trying to hook up parts that are not compatible with the mirrors.
Those mirrors dont suit the bike anyway.
And all of this electrical work?
Should have been figured out BEFORE the bike was built.
A custom like that needs a proper wiring harness custom fabricated by an experienced person.
Find that person.
Pay them to do the job right.
Sorry you are going through this.

MAKO6 01-21-2021 01:25 PM

I am using them on my Pro Street, and they have been functioning flawlessly since 2007. Wire them up exactly as the directions describe and they will work... if they don't work, you have either burned them out, or have them wired incorrectly... Also, what is the amperage of the aftermarket +5VDC power supply... you may have bought the right voltage, but the wrong amperage (too low?) which would lead to the problem you describe. and is the 5volt power AC or DC...? it will absolutely make a difference...


edit.. I am an electrical engineer so wiring them up was for me fairly intuitive.. I agree with the previous post.. get someone with more familiarity with DC circuits to assess your problem and provide help...

MAKO6 01-21-2021 01:51 PM

Also, did you provide +12VDC to both the +5VDC power supply and to the orange lead into the right mirror (needed for the battery light) but also to power the LED's. Understand that your +5VDC is needed for the logic chip and readout controlling the MPH and RPM ... all of your other LED indicators (neutral, oil, blinkers, beam etc.) in 12 VDC systems typically run on +9VDC - 12VDC... I did not design them, they may use lower voltage LED's behind resisted circuits but that really wouldn't matter if you stick to the wiring as designed.

Uncomplicate things, and do yourself a favor.... buy the right power supply from Badlands... it will work the way it is designed to work..


MAKO6 01-21-2021 02:27 PM

.... and... the Badlands instructions CLEARLY say not to hook up +12VDC to the blue or grey wires... Your assertion is wrong saying not to hook up +12VDC to the mirrors. The instruction diagram CLEARLY shows a (switched) +12VDC connection to both the +5VDC power supply and to the right side mirror... go back and have a look at the first diagram you posted in this thread...

edit.. sorry, went back a re-read your previous post (indicating) that you did in deed connect +12VDC to the orange lead on the right side mirror.


MAKO6 01-21-2021 03:15 PM

The mirrors do not have a chassis ground, so I would agree that your assertion is correct that one of the power supply wires is +5VDC and the other is -5VDC (ground). In this case then, and judging by the calibration trigger circuit (button) the +5VDC would be the blue wire and the negative would be the grey wire (because it is bussed to both mirrors). You can test this by using a digital multimeter and testing the +5VDC output at the power supply and then transposing the test leads (switching them to the opposite wires) to see if the indication on the meter goes from positive to negative... Also, I will tell you that these mirrors DO NOT LIKE a power source other than a typical battery, so if you are using a 12VDC power supply you might want to try using an actual battery instead... let us know how it goes....


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