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  1. Kirkscustoms still here sorta?
  2. anyone have a crime scene choppers BAd Attitude primary cover for sale?
  3. Yeh, I'm still around!
  4. Primo Crank Nut Lockplate!
  5. NEW PART! Crank Nut Lockplate BDL & others
  6. Charlotte Easyriders Show
  7. 2 NEW CNC Gage Mounts
  8. A little one-off part action
  9. New Prototype Part, Whatcha Think?
  10. Whatcha Think? New Exhaust Header
  11. Rockerbox Gage Mount, One-off Part
  12. Hotrod Chopper For Sale
  13. Kirk In Richmond VA this weekend
  14. Easyriders Charlotte 2nd place
  15. Happy Holidays! and Thanks!!!!!
  16. Check this out! Coming to life!
  17. Kirk Customs in Hot Bike
  18. Received Parts from Kirks Customs today!
  19. Got the new website up, comments?
  20. Anybody know CHRISBRATTON22
  21. Going To The Smokeout?
  22. Shovel Bike Needed Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. New one of a kind Taglight!
  24. What do you guys think!
  25. Kirkcustoms Contact info
  26. Kirkscustoms new forum at Club Chopper.