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Oh - OK - so you are talking free hand here?
Well being the challenger you dont get to talk shit.
I said I can put a .45 ACP slug in a one foot target
at 100 yds with my Colt Officer's model - how I do it is
up to me. Off hand I will do it with my .44 Black hawk.
I dont know how good a marksman just know my daddy got
me my first gun when I was 9 and like Clint said 'I can hit what I
am aiming at' LOL
BTW - There is a big school of thought leaning on iron sights
as uber accurate. I'm on that school. Having said that I love shooting
my rifle at long range with the scope. Just that 100 yds is not much fun.
It's like riding a Busa @ 40-60 mph. Need to reach out a little more -like 350yds.
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