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how does the clutch work on the jockey? never heard of that before.

/me slaps his forehead, realizing how its done even as he is posting.

duh, same as if it was with the left hand up on the bars and a clutch lever. right? well anways, thats nice. im mad with jealousy. you gave me some good ideas for when i change over to a suicide. i was going to go with a left foreward clutch and left sided suicide, with the rear brake at my right hand and a right hand throttle. but with the clutch on the shifter, i can just keep the rear brake down by my right foot and free up my handlebars from any levers at all. righteous. thanks bro.

edit : damn, im really tired. i just saw you basicly did the same thing in your foto's. very swifty. /me sighs and then scampers off to bed.

works gonna hurt tomorrow.

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