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Originally Posted by FRANKTHECRANK View Post
I love how every OCC related thread ends up with 1 or 2 of the same guys mentioning WCC, (you know who you are), and dragging me in. This is fun.
If I dragged you in, that was not my intention. But then again it's like you have your search engine looking for any mention of WCC on the internet and spend 24/7 looking for it.

I'd like to know what caused this obsession with JJ and if there is a cure for it. I only took 2 psyc. courses in college and I don't think they covered deep obsession. We did cover hero worship and your man crush seems to be way beyond that. I never did figure out the Charles Manson girls obsession either.

Seriously, I'm concerned for you, have you considered professional help?
Try to learn something new every day and don't accept everything as fact.

Nevermind, you're hopeless.
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