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Originally Posted by Rhodie Warrior View Post
I'm not slamming their success. They have a lot more dough than I do. I'm just pointing out that their situation isn't what it used to be. Easy come, easy go. Are you trying to say they made millions because of the few basic choppers they started out with?

Maybe you should watch some of the recent shows. Pretty pathetic. I'm not slamming them, just stating the facts. I'm not jealous of anyone, in fact, I've stated many times when I thought they did a good job on a particular bike or had a good idea. I don't have an axe to grind either. But, the amount of fame and wealth they have is not in direct proportion to their success as bike builders or designers. I guess I'm just not a fan of bikes that only look good but aren't functional. They were in the right place at the right time and capitalized on the success of the show because of the soap opera quality of it, the inflated economy, and the fact that choppers became a mainstream fad. I do credit them for inadvertently helping to create a lot of that. But lets be real, they didn't have a plan. It just turned out that way. Good for them.

P.S. What I said about Mikey still stands.
The amount of fame they have is not in proportion to there bike building. Who says? You? That's not for you or I to comment on unless of course you are Jealous then you can comment on it all you want. A lot of things are built that are not functional but people like them. How about the Batmobile. The first one and the latest one including the motorcycle.
How about this. You can thank them for creating hundreds of jobs intentionally and inadvertently. They are DIRECTLY responsible for hundreds of bike shops that have opened up in the early part of 2000 and that in return created lots of really cool parts and designs. Maybe choppers were a fad to some but even so what's wrong with making money off of fads. It's the American way. HolaHoop, BellBottoms and Fat tire bikes.
They created lot's of jobs and work for people on the TV show and the actual business. Not to mention commercials and appearances and yes even the goofy bikes that represented companies like Snap on and boosted there sales in there company and many others like that.
Before you slam someone and a company and a business that has created hundreds of jobs ask yourself "What have you done to create jobs"???
Mikey is funny!!! we all can't be as talented as you as far as bike design. All people have to find there way and do the best they can. Mikey was lucky the show came along and the show was lucky that Mikey came along.
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