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Originally Posted by ALLAMERICAN View Post
You know I will start off saying that I always admired your bike build and you did a good job cuz I like Hot Rod bikes. But to sit back and slam someone else's success makes you look small. Jr can make custom bikes period!!! You might not like them but he is a customizer none the less and will be remembered long after you leave Club Chopper.. Sr. has been buildin bikes before you were born. Mickey was a lot of the humor and part of American Choppers SUCCESS!! I haven't seen the show in years but they are a true American success story. Be happy for them!!!

I'm not slamming their success. They have a lot more dough than I do. I'm just pointing out that their situation isn't what it used to be. Easy come, easy go. Are you trying to say they made millions because of the few basic choppers they started out with?

Maybe you should watch some of the recent shows. Pretty pathetic. I'm not slamming them, just stating the facts. I'm not jealous of anyone, in fact, I've stated many times when I thought they did a good job on a particular bike or had a good idea. I don't have an axe to grind either. But, the amount of fame and wealth they have is not in direct proportion to their success as bike builders or designers. I guess I'm just not a fan of bikes that only look good but aren't functional. They were in the right place at the right time and capitalized on the success of the show because of the soap opera quality of it, the inflated economy, and the fact that choppers became a mainstream fad. I do credit them for inadverdently helping to create a lot of that. But lets be real, they didn't have a plan. It just turned out that way. Good for them.

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