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Now it's become a reality show. For Sr. and Jr. the reality of a bad economy and the inevitable end of a long lucky run.

For Sr. the reality of a huge overhead and a giant complex without the income of the show. Let's face it, he's not going to make it on bike sales. Bring in Ducati and scooters and try to exploit the foreign market in a bad economy. Gotta sell a lot of Ducatis just to heat the place. If it works, good, if if doesn't, good. He's got enough money anyways. In the meantime, cut off Jr's huge income and start to phase Mikey out if the show doesn't continue. I'm sure that by now, Sr. realizes that the show is the drama between him and Jr. and if he's willing to let that go, he must know something we all don't know.

For Jr. the reality of trying to live off his name and start a "design" business. What the fuck qualifies him, building non functional bikes based only on what he thinks is cool? So far, he's added some chrome to a Coleman grille. His logo is his scribbled signature. Great. Lookout Calvin Klein.

For Mikey, the tit has dried up.

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