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I've only seen 1 show in the past couple years.... & that was about a month ago.
This was when Jr. was just getting into his building for his new gig "boutique owner"...... and .... (chuckle) design company??? that was some funny shit, because he was trying to design his own logo.... and his ol' lady ended up doing it for him cause he was having trouble!
Not very good advertising for someone trying to open a design co.

If you ask me.... the bike shop is far better off now without his prema-donna B.S. and....well damn....I gotta say I was actually impressed by some of the shit they were turning out with their CNC machine.
(some eagle tallons on the fork lowers for the Dubai police bike, I think? )
Sr. got smart and hired some actual craftsmen....... to take the place of his spoiled brat kid. (who was not really all that tallented)
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