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WTF is going on with Orange County Choppers?

OK apologies if this has been beaten to death already, but I have just finished watching series 9 and man there is some heavy shit going on. Being in the UK i'm guessing that we are well behind you guys in the States. I kinda gave up with the runaway success that is OCC after season 3 but managed to get hold of series 6.

It seems to me that all the original members that made OCC what it is today have been pushed to the wayside apart from Rick. Paul Sr. was at a loss when Jr. decided to go his own way but by the final episode (Chesapeake Bike), he seemed not to give a flying f**k about his sons etc, to the point where poor Mickey was in tears, now I know Mickey was always a clown but I have a feeling thats what the producers of the show wanted and then that was handed over to Jason Pohl.

I don't know but it seems greed has taken over Sr. and I can appreciate him wanting his business to do well but the guy is a multi-millionaire and if it wasn't for his sons and Vinnie he would be back in the ironworks.

Just got to me to see his sons so disheartened by their fathers actions, OK Jr. looks like he may do OK and has enough money but poor Mickey has no real talent (not to sound disrespectful) to fall back on and the poor guy seems to be in bits!!

OK rant over and I wish that boy all the best, mind you not sure how long ago the last episode was filmed and fingers crossed things have changed?

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