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It wasn't my point that the guy was on a Harley. The point is he was an asshole, who happened to be on a Harley. I've got a Harley engine'd bike sitting under my carport now. Whenever I get on that bike I'm still the same motherfucker that I am when I'm on the Yamaha. If I saw any of you guys sitting on the side of the road I'd stop no matter what you're riding. If I saw the asshole that I met last night on the side of the road I'd stop to help. I've got several friends that would do the same.

It has nothing to do with the brand of bike, thatís just common courtesy and you get back what you put in, but somewhere along the years Harley has turned into a status symbol, that's cold hard fact, and as with any status symbol the result is you get wannabe fuckers that simply DON"T get it and that's what I met last night.

P.s I live in Texas, there is no riding season here, it's all year round baby!!
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