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Originally Posted by Barefoot Choppa

And trust me Frank, I could have afforded a CFL with all the fancy bling, just not my style of bike. I don't want to "put" people down as you say as much as voice my opinion about certain products. I didn't go ballistic in this thread or try and put anyone down, you instigated everything I said after my initial comment by actually putting me down. Think about it.......or go back and read what you wrote.
The statement I made about "affording" WCC parts was regarding the extremely high cost,....not whether "you" could afford them or not.

And initially, the only "personal" thing I said to you, in response was, "one thing you are not is...unpredictable" #26

Only after you stated that you were "glad this erks" me, and being called "fukin sheep", did I begin the retaliatory "putting down" remarks....Post #30
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