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Here's a video that I'm pretty excited about.

Despite all the different circumstances I got this bad boy fire up!! The timing for the XB motor was a bit of a pain. You have to re-index the Harley ignition rotor to work with the Buell XB motor because the xb camming is different. I used an Ultima (Dynatec) Ignition module which seems to work pretty good and has some nice features.

I also need to rebuild the carb it has a leak coming from somewhere, when I first started to bust it off I couldn't get the carb to take any gas. Took it apart and the needle/seat was stuck. So I imagine the leaking I have now is from the needle/seat not sealing properly when the bowls full. It's a used carb so it's expected. I've got a carb mounting plate on the way. I can't decide if I want the heads to vent from the stock location (valve covers) or convert them to standard Harley type.

I painted the pipes with VHT hi temp paint but some of it flaked off because I sprayed too much on at one time without curing. Live and learn, I'll fix it and the pipes will be wrapped anyway. I couldn't wait any longer to hear it run and it turns out the motors a little thumper!

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