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Originally Posted by FRANKTHECRANK
I thought she did better than most people expected.

Skillfully avoided questions she wasn't comfortable with, and then she hit hard, with the facts she knew would help get her points across.

Driving home the fact that Biden used to be against many of Obama's ideas, and now has flip flopped to back him.

Also bagging Biden for continually referring to Bush's last eight years instead of sticking to the moderator's questions about the present and the future.

The best was her admitting to not being used to Washington politicians who continually say one thing and do another, or say something to one group of people, and change their position in front of a different group of people.

I'll just say, I don't know if this debate helped McCain's chances, but I don't think it hurt him at all.

How about both of them agreeing on being against gay marriage?

I thought I heard Barney Frank choke on his sausage sandwich from my house.

actually i have to agree to a point with biden on the history of what;s going on...

if we don;t learn from our history we are bound to repeat it right...

but he did seem to try to tie mccain to bush...which is exactly what i would do if i was him...

we have to look back...not only at bush but also the presidents before him...but i think she said that...
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