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Got a little more done over the weekend.

Rear bottom motor mounts built, I'll weld these in once I can confirm that the sprockets align.

Front bottom mounts, the left has to be offset a bit. They still need some shaping done on em.

Rear tire centered on axle and spacers cut. I cut these on my little lathe, they are made from brass which I honestly don't know if that is good enough to use. My lathe is not stout enough for any other metals. I'll probably just take them to my local shop and have them use these as templates to make some out of stainless.

Started on a sissy bar, I'm not sure if I'll keep it or not......

Another view

I got the rear sprocket mounted and I measured for offset, with the motor sitting where it is now I only need 3/4" offset. I went ahead and ordered a 1.06 PBI sprocket and I can move the motor to the left if needed, this will give me a little more play room and get the motor a little more centered.

The springer is supposed to be in next week. Maybe then we can see how the overall look of this bike will be.
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