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Take it from me, never deal with a company called KC International for bike parts, these assholes have a lot to learn about customer service! I paid for a springer, brake rotor, rear sprocket over 3 weeks ago. Never once did I get an email explaining where the parts were. Finally a box arrives to the house with just the brake rotor. I call them to see whats up with the rest of my crap no luck sat listening to 80 pop music while on hold (kick me when I'm down sheesh), sent emails no replys, called again got someone on the phone and was told that he would check into it call me back when he figured out what was going on. He never called back. Finally had to start a dispute with paypal to get my money back. Called them this morning and the guy gets an attitude because I filed the dispute. Never once did they say where the rest of my parts were. I asked him where the hell my parts were he said "they are shipping next week" WTF?? They were supposed to have shipped on the 5th..... f-in assholes.

Its hard waiting for parts, but I would have had no problem if they would have came out and said straight up the parts are shipping on this date you'll have to wait untill then. I would have been cool with that. BUT instead they have held my money ransom without giving me any knowledge of whats going on. ASSHOLES! Never again! I'm pretty sure that the parts probably never would have shipped out.

Thank god for Paypal If I would have sent these cock smokers a money order I probably would have been S.O.L!
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