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I built the rear mount today, it's pretty simple it uses both the factory XB mounting holes and the XL frame plate. The trickiest part was getting the motor square with the frame, shim here shim there. I can still slide the motor left or right to help get the offset needed for the drive sprocket. The welds are not the best looking but they are strong. There is no excuse for sloppy welds, but I couldn't get the damn thing to act right (lots of splatter). It turns out my wire was a bit corroded. I don't do enough welding anymore to use up a 10lb spool before it starts rusting so I'm going to go back to the smaller spools. It'll still clean up nice once I put the grinders on its ass.

I also trimmed the Buell swingarm mount off of the motor. I won't be needing it for this bike. Instead of cutting it straight I decided to give it a little curve to follow the case. Thats it beside the drive sprocket.
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