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Buell XB fat tire chop

This is my current project. It is also my first. I've built several Hotrods before this and have been working on and riding bikes almost my whole life, but this will be my first chopper.

Its a Buell XB9R motor. Some of you may know that the Weapon frame is made for XL sportys. I got this frame on the cheap so I plan on fabbing my own mounts to make this motor work with this frame.

The Bike will have a DNA springer, spoke wheels, suicide shift, and whatever else I can get on a small limited budget.

I chose the XB for several reasons, number one is it was about a grand cheaper. Number 2 is the motor makes 92 estimated hp stock. Add a big bore kit, some cams, and it'll be over 100 very easily. I'm pretty sure the hp rating is at the crank but it still beats the hell out of a stock XL 1200. There is not very much info on the web about using XB motors, most that I've found are Redneck mutant builds. Hopefully the info I provide will help some one else, and if anyone has any tips THROW THEM MY WAY!

Currently I've got the motor sitting in the frame. I'm getting a feel for what I'm going to have to do for these mounts. The XBs on the Buells are rubber mounted but I'm going to mount this one solid. My rear wheel, axle, and sprocket are on order so once those come in I will get the motor set where I want it and start building the mounts.

Here's what I have so far, the tank is just sitting on there I'm going to have to wait until I get the springer and handlebars before I mount it. It will sit further back.

Either a smaller oil filter or a relocation kit will have to be used, this is probably the biggest hurdle so far. You can see the front lower mounting hole behind the filter.

Rear bottom mounts, I plan on running a small "crossmember" of 1" square tubing across the frame with tabs coming up for the motor to bolt to.

Top rear mount: I plan on bolting a plate to the XL style frame plate and welding another plate to it at the proper angle to bolt down to the motor. This area was where a big rubber style mount was. I will still be able to use the slots in the frames plate so I can slide the motor left or right to help with sprocket offset. I'll build this mount first, get the motor where I want it and build the others once I'm satisfied with the placement.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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