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65 Triumph damn near finished finally...

Waiting on the chain, tank sealer and new headlight to come in. Should be here first of next week. Tried like hell to do some copper oil lines and just coulnd't fn make 'em look good. I reckon I will have to go to plain ole black rubber now. If I decide to give it another go, I have plenty of copper line left...just no patience for it now. I have an all new found appreciation for the ones who can hook that shit up because I can't. I even had one of those nice benders and everything. I must just be a tard or something??? Need to bend up a new brake rod too as mine seems to now be binding up. It worked smoothly when we did it originally as we were putting this all together, but now...who knows? Here's some pics from Friday...first time outside in months. It looks totally different outside than it does inside the garage on the jig. I think I kinda like it...


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