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As mine has not been run yet, I don't know about the sound, but a guy that has the same pipes on a softail with a 96" motor told me that they sound about the same with the baffles in or out. He says the sound is so different (and loud) that all his buds know it's him coming! I can't wait to hear how mine sounds!! He said he put the baffles back in due to some loss of low end torque with them out, and it really didn't have any affect on the sound anyway. The way I'm looking at the baffles, it looks like they could be reversed (if you drill another mounting hole) In other words, if you look up the pipe now, you see the open end of the "cups" of the baffles facing toward the rear. If you reversed them so the cups were facing toward the motor, it would be a little quieter.... but who wants that?
Good luck taking the OL for a spin. My OL rides her own FXDL, and she does not even ride on the back of my Ultra. I have no intention of putting a pass pad on there anyway. I did catch her up on the build table last week, seeing if she could reach the forward controls... so I may have her wanting to ride it, but she is vertically challenged (only 5'-2") so I don't think she can reach the controls......
take care. I'm gonna add another pic to my gallery with a shot or two of the hi-$$ Climax Cycle bars on it/ These bars are cool, the brake and clutch master cylinders are in the grips, and ALL wiring, throttle cables.. everything is hidden all the way through the trees. Check out
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