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Originally Posted by hardtb
thanks for the great responses so far. im toying with just addin a solid bar in place of my shock, but i would still rather weld on a new rear end. the links ive been given so far lead me to xs650 tails, i have the newer xvs650 vstar with a shaft drive, so they dont work for me. im also lookn for a jockey shif for my 03 vstar. an no one has anything like that so far. any more help would be great

I'll toss in my .02...below is the exact same bike as was the "custom" '03 XVS650 model rather than a classic but that won't matter much. I slammed this one by re-positioning the top shock bolt almost an inch forward of it's stock location. Drill a hole. I raked the neck out and added a set of 6 degree trees. Still retained a little suspension like this but it's stiff. These bikes are cool, fun and cheap...what else do you need? :-)

This one below here is an '02 "custom" model that we made rigid by the struts replacing the shock that's been mentioned here a time or two. Front end was one of those 14 degree kits some guy is selling...supposed to maintain stock trail. I tried to talk this guy out of buying that front end and doing it like my lil shop bike but he wouldn't have it...didn't want to cut on the frame. Turned out cool too, IMO.

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