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Hi guys , I just stumbled on this forum and as I am well into the build of my Hardcore II looks like this is a good place to be. I actually picked up my kit during bike week from a dealer in orlando. I already have everything painted and are about 60% finished with final assembly. Plumbing and wiring being the bigest chores left. The kit I bought was mocked up at this dealer for display purposes and broken back down for me to transport home(Houston) I've already mocked it up and checked everything with only a few minor problems to address. Since alot of the packages were opened previously I am missing some paperwork on a couple of the items?? Did your come with anything (wire color idenity) for the headlight? 5 wires? Pretty much got everything else figured out but ya'll may be able to save me a little time if I find out which are which on the headlight.
As far as mounting the rear fender I actually fabed a 2 piece bracket . The first piece about 5" long by 1 1/2" wide 3/16" .and welded it to the frame just behind the bar behind the Oil tank just in front of the fender area.Then the matching bracket sits on top of that one and is welded to the fender . I posistioned the fender and drilled two holes and bolted it down and used the lower hole as supplied. In the rear support area I drilled through the fender and tapped it to fit the rear turnsignal bolts to make this puppy rock solid as well as a dual purpose bolt. Will be hauling a passenger occasionally .Actually she's walking past me every night with P-Pad in hand trying to get me to hurry up.I'll post some pics soon as I get a little time. Oh also interested in what everyone paid as I noticed there was quite a difference quoted from different dealers. I paid 12,500. Could have ordered one cheaper but a bird in the hand is worth cash to me.Hate waiting for anything.
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