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Re: Hard Core II builders

Originally posted by Punisher
To all the Hard Core II builders.

I have one for ya. This stupid rear fender strap. What bolts did you use to mount that to the frame,,, and how did you attach it to the rear fender??

I was going to bolt it to the frame, and weld it to the fender, but getting the placement of it is a bit tricky. I do have the other three fender mounts drilled, and tightened. But this strap has me thinking….

How did you guys attach the strap to the fender? And yes pictures are worth a thousand words.

I had to buy new bolts as well. I am using a double-sided tape used in horse-trailer construction to attach the fender to the hanger, in case the next owner ever has to remove the fender. It is expensive, but lasts forever.
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