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Always rode some sort of bike when I was a kid, scooter, dirt bike, one of them small Yamaha's. Always liked the choppers I'd seen too when I was a kid growing up, liked Harleys and said one day when I could afford it I'd have a Harley, the chopper was an after thought but I'm glad I got it. The first real motorcycle I had though was a 87' Honda Magna 750, rode that one quite a bit with just a permit, dumped it one time and gave up riding for a while. Got back into riding just last year, after a 8yr break and got all my proper endorsements, insurance, etc. I ride now, even in the rain though some say I'm crazy, this more than I drive my car, 3yr old car with only 12k on the odometer. Harley less than a year old with almost a 1/4th of that mileage already on it, and the chopper is about half of what the Harley is in mileage, so you can see the obvious choice.
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