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my father used to take me on the back of his hd as soon as i was old enough to hang on, there has been nothing better in my memories as a child than being dropped off at my first day of school on the back of his hd, and being told, you will be right mate! ,except for my first sticky finger behind the lunch room, the only reason i remember is it was always school yard talk, stricko's dad has a hd and lots of tattoos,
so i guess its just my way of life now, i was born free.

been riding from grome size pee wee 50's to my stubbin i know what i want age now, have a rat turning 86 soft tail only buy natural causes, Triump 1200 1995 model Daytona riding almost daily as i am alway late to work and it gets me there on time, also a KTM 525 04 EXC with a rekluse auto cluch for mud adventures, so me thinking it is time to update the faithful old anti chick magnet softail for a nice polished chop or pro street, so so here i am getting lots of good ideas
How much must you live through.

Just to getaway.

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