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Sorry it took me soo long to reply, but I've been shaking Redneck for information and details are getting clearer. Obviously this build they're working on is using more rake and a longer front end than the original Mutant Buell design like mine, but they offer this new frame in the old specs so using the Buell parts isn't out of the question. This frame build is using a 280 tire, but again this is another case where the old 180/200 or 250 options are open. Based on what I know now, I'm thinking a guy could get away with building one of these using the Buell front end and wheels for starting around $8-$9K plus the donor Buell. Of course you could get more elaborate and end up with a bigger budget, as I'm sure the bike in the picture would push 20 grand in total investment to build by the time you factor in wheels, forks, as wells as controls, the donor, the chassis kit and all the other odds and ends. Still pretty good for a one-off attention getter though. Let me know if you've got any other questions.

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