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Originally Posted by jjf View Post
my oil returns aerated also, dont worry about it its not a problem, also the only problem with your oil is its way overfilled, sometimes it drains into the sump of the motor and then when you check it before startup it looks empty and oil gets added into the tank and when you start it the oil in sump of motor gets pumped back into tank overflowing out the fill and blocking the vent, just drain oil out sump of motor and oil tank and fill oil tank to proper level and your good to go. if you let the bike sit for long periods without starting its going to drain back into the motor, if you start the motor at least once a month you will not have this problem, hope this helps!
Excellent advice here. I hoped that somebody with more talent would chime in.

jjf will probably agree with me on this. DO NOT use the drain plug at the bottom of the cases to drain the oil on a regular basis. It's not made for this and once you cross thread that plug you'll want to shoot yourself. It's a magnetic plug used to pickup any steel frags floating around in the system.

There shouldn't be very much oil in there. The sump, it's not like an oil pan.

I would still take a look at the check balls.
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