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Thanks for lookin'.

Electrical assy continues with the install of the led turn sigs. These are red for lighting /brake and yellow for the turn signals.
Look ok:

And the rear axle , an important piece , supplied as a hardened steel rod with threads on either end. I know how critical it is to have the rear axle stable and secure. Looking to the stock Harley item we see one end with a nut welded on. As I was looking at the parts making a plan , I noticed that rectangular washers would help keep the axle from turning.
So I made some 1/8" washers , welded a nuit on one end ofthe axle trapping the washe in place , I then tigged the washer to the nut:

And installed you can see the axle will have a tough time rotating if it came loose:

I may take the other rectngular washer and make a lock plate for the end with the nut.
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