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Originally Posted by Spade115 View Post
Ebays the only one I found, unless you want to shell out 500+ for an SS one.
That one is actually close to me so I looked at it last week, the listing is incorrect, that's a Magnetti Marelli and I need a Delphi. Stock is 46mm, the S&S ones are made for at least 95 inches and I'm still at 88, plus I would need to use their air cleaner. It's my daily rider with SE2 cams, free flowing exhaust and a free flowing air cleaner but I have no interest in big power. Pete at Zippers(great guy) told me to call Horsepower Inc in Indianapolis and they were great too, they make a 51mm setup with a port matched intake that will accept all my stock sensors, it's $760 so I ordered it. I'm gonna get a tuner to compensate for the extra flow, I just installed a Cobra on a bike for a friend and really liked it. The unit has three adjustable dip switches that control idle/low, mid range, and wide open, it's almost as simple as changing jets on a carb. I set the switches according to the instructions and put my Daytona Twin Tec piggy back module on and went for a ride. It felt fine on the ride so I plugged the piggy back module into my laptop to view the ride data and the AFR stayed right at 14:1 throughout all the riding cycles so I was mildly impressed. I will update this after installation in case anyone else runs into this problem.
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