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Thanks for lookin'

Convenience is not high on the list for a custom builder.
Doing it easy is , well , too easy.
And generally creates bikes that are of singular use and attractive to the builder mostly.
The work done and the experience of dedicated custom builders is not to be easily dismissed.

FINALLY the oil tank is tigged and airtight. A whole lotta patience required to get there. Its ugly as hell , not something I would use on a personal build , but it will work and is pretty much invisible on the finished machine. I'll find a 'hammered' or textured paint to finish it with , wrinkle black or such will hide some of the imperfections.
Here the tank and the battery box are placed in a tub , CLR is introduced , water to fill , and placed in the sun. The CLR will clean the steel and etch it for the primer to come. It will also create a no rust etching inside the tank . Placing the tub in the sun to heat it will accelerate the process.We did this to gas tanks at the chopper shop where I worked. The treatment works great for any new construction or repair work.
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