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Originally Posted by waxlrose View Post
@golfish Thanks!

I have made a "lot" of bad experiences with gas tank sealers. In the end all of them start to flake off sooner or later.
So finally found a shop, they're working on air plane gas tanks and do use a special resin to make the inner coating. Well it's not cheap, but he does up to 400 gas tanks a year and gives life time guarantee. So I thought, let's give it a try.

When that is done, stuff goes out to the painter and then, I really can't wait for final assembly of the bike. I just love when the stuff comes together and you finally see the look of the bike for the first time!
a local shop of world renown that restores warbirds from across the world uses a product they call "cherry juice."

he insists it's the exact same thing as redkote.

looking good, sir!

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