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Originally Posted by JamesS View Post
Seems really simple.
I cant see a whole bunch of diff ways to hook up the grey and blue wires.
And why? - when its clear how they need to be connected.

Good luck!
James, got to thinking about this again yesterday afternoon while going over things on the bike and the schematics again.

I do NOT have the original 12v to 5v power supply, but the one I have shown in my post. That being said, the power supply I have has a (+) yellow wire and a black (-) wire. I have the black wire to my ground strip and the yellow as power out at 5v DC.

The schematic does not show (-) or (+), only grey and blue wires. (again I do not have the original power supply with a grey and blue wire) If I hook up the mirror's blue wire to the power supply (+) yellow wire and the grey wires to my ground strip, I do not get any indication that the mirrors are working when I feed the left mirror turn signal purple with white stripe with my 9v test battery as an input. Maybe the 9v test battery voltage is too low to trigger the internal relay coil in the mirrors. I'm heating up my garage now and will try to up it to a 12v input on the purple/white wire.

But again, I'm a little confused as to whether the original 5v power supply actually had two 5v (+) outputs or if one was (-) and the other was the (+). The schematic is probably good enough if I had the original power supply.

One last thing that is odd is that my turn signals and hi beam wiring harness indicator outputs are 12v, which would be needed if I had just plain bulbs in a panel to light up when the turn signals or the hi beam was on. Just like my '76 FLH has on the cluster. If that's the case, then I AM using a 12v input to the mirrors, but NOT as a mirror power supply, which is 5v. Then is should be safe to feed the purple/white wire with 12v DC, right???

I'm just rambling now, sorry...

I do appreciate your help and taking the time to go over the information I've provided in the thread.

Thanks very much again!

Dan Lockwood
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