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Badland Digital Mirror Installation Question????

Good afternoon all.

I saw the other Badlands thread, but in my case it's not applicable and decided to start my own thread.

This will probably be my 3rd post on the forum, so I hope I tick all the boxes correctly...

I purchased a Milwaukee Iron Boardtrack Racer Bike project from Randy Simpson a few months before he liquidated his business. To handle the gauges on the bike, I purchased a set of Badland Digital Mirrors directly from Badlands.

Fast forward from '09. I know have the bike mechanically finished as well as paint. I have most of the wiring completed using Ultima 18-533 wiring harness assembly. When I looked for the instructions and the power supply and push button, I could NOT find them after 11 years, go figure...

I know have the schematic and installation instructions. I'll inert/attach them for others to use if needed.

I have two issues of concern:

The schematic shows the power supply with the input 12v DC switched, OK, and the other wiring grounded, OK! Then the output of the power supply is just stated as 5v DC and shows two wires, a grey and a blue.... BUT does not identify if both are a 5v DC output or if one is (-) and the other is (+). It would be purely speculation on my part to say the grey is (-) and the blue is (+).

I have hot wired the power to a power supply I purchased from Amazon and have confirmed that it does have 5v DC as an output between the two output leads, on marked (-) on the supply and one marked (+). They are what they have indicated.

I have tried just about every combination of hooking up the mirror blue and grey wires without any results.

The other issue I have is that it CLEARLY states on the schematic, DON'T BE A STOOGE! DO NOT hook 12v DC to the mirrors. So that leads me to the next concern.

As shown on the Badlands schematic, the appropriate wires get hooked to the bike side wiring to give a signal to the mirrors. In my case I'm pretty sure that the bike side wiring signals will be 12v DC. See clip from Ultima schematic.

The upper left is the indicators from the bike side wiring. The top wire is a 12v (+) and the bottom wire is a (-) ground. I may be wrong, but this seems to me to then have 12v DC outputs to the indicators that will become the inputs to my mirrors.

This may not be an issue as they may only be read as inputs signals to trip the internal circuitry of the mirrors, which internally powered at 5v DC. The two may never cross paths as in the coil in a relay and the power outputs of said relay never cross paths.

I just wish the Badlands schematic said (-) or (+) on the drawing. I've never seen a power supply with two outputs and not ground within them. It shows a four wire power supply and that's exactly what I now have.


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

And a separate calibration page

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, by the way, here's what my bike looks like at the moment with just one tank half mounted for the pictures etc.

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