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I'm really excited about this project, it has so much sentimental value.. I originally built it in 1978 using a SB&F rigid digger frame and then a couple of years later decided on a swingarm conversion.. I cut this frame and added a 40 degree neck and 5 inch stretch back in 1980 and then joined the Army (22 years) soon after. I did drive (unfinished) it before joining the Army, and then sold it to my older brother, who subsequently sold it. So here we are... 40+ years later, my younger brother did a bottom end re-build on it several ears ago, and it was not driven much since that time. I was living and working in Germany when I got the call that it was for sale.. I did not hesitate, and now title in hand, it is mine again.. I am trying to keep it true to nostalgia with some performance and safety upgrades.. PM controls, hydraulic clutch, good tires, etc, but it is a really good little scooter that I am thoroughly enjoying putting back on the road... Cylinders and heads ire in for re-work, and my brother (machinists) will do the hydraulic clutch rework. I'm thinking "Candy Apple Brandywine" over gold matt base with gold leaf scrollwork.. Thoughts..?

P.S. any of you cool cats know where I can find an original right side Arlen Ness shifter peg combo...

Thanks for looking Gents..

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