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SAT Motorsports rigid attempt.

I recently came across a bike that was partially 'assembled'.
The guy got a buncha parts off the internet and tried to build a chopper around an SAT frame.
He seemed to have a little game as the handlebars have been fabbed and will most likely be used. However he had little knowledge of the wide tire bike genre.
This was evident in the rear 360mm tire/wheel bing offset to the left as he tried to line up the final drive sprockets.
He then passed away , his family having no idea what to do with the bike.
So I go it for a good price , tons of parts , an extra engine and a buttload of engineering problems.

Looks pretty good! However these parts are very loosely assembled.

I began by disassembling the bike and checking the frame. There were some anomolys in the frame , none to tough to over come. Buddy had installed a .25" spacer between the engine and inner primary plate , this was going the wrong way.
I have built a lot of custom choppers so procedure is familiar to me. Centering the rear wheel , I saw that the sprockets were around .600" out of line. Checking parts and manufacturer sites I came to the conclusion that the stock trans mounting plate was not going to work. An offset plate , in conjunction with a PBI 1.31" offset sprocket will get things lined up.

I have a little experience with the wide tire stuff , but not as far as suppliers go.
Is there a trans mounting plate that moves the trans to the right?

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