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I'm looking at that date and thinking this was post-crash-posting. It was a stuck throttle at well over a ton, and that's the short story. Let me make another attempt if not dropped somewhere else here.

Remember the letters EOIC when setting pushrods. When it becomes less confusing, you can tackle the other cylinder, but basically just view the one cylinder so you get the basics down. The sequence is to watch either pushrod as a starting point. In other words, moving the wheel with trans in top gear, plugs out, the procedure goes something like this:

EO ~ Means to watch the exhaust push rod begin to open. As soon as you see it move, stop. You now adjust the intake pushrod to said spins at the flats.

IC ~ Means to watch the intake begin to close. Key stopping point is to also remember the 'as soon as' it moves is to stop, adjust the exhaust pushrod.

This was standard procedure for engine builders setting the pushrods on those NASCAR V8's. You have the same V configuration like a V8, plus an OHC inline 4 is turned twice for TDC. Out of the 16 valves, 8 are adjusted with the cam set for cyl 1 say. That means half or 4 are at the EO or IC position and you set the valve lash this way too. Meaning, on the in valve side, the valve is beginning to close, but on the other side, the ex is measured for clearance. And of course it does not match say the #1 in and ex cam lobes...

... better known as 'flat rate'. Under warranty say, the factory is not going to pay someone more 'clock time' to move the crank 2 more times when both 1 and 4 have cam lobes straight out and the other in/ex lobes are their relative EOIC positions.

Make sense?

I can see the boatheory was a slow recovery from head trauma... or maybe I never came back from it LOL.. or had any to begin wit...LOLOL
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