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Originally Posted by chopperfugger View Post
Seriously asking or trolling? LOL

I was trying to help the OP out - believing he had not made the deal yet.
There is a lot of smoke in that description.
RevTech 100 motor chopper is NOT a nice bike.
Harley controls are entry level chopper stuff.
The only bolt-on piece is Jesse James gas tank.
Should I make a list of the bolt-on pieces?
I would, and seriously asking, the way its described I read it as it was built with him lol. But parts list, home built is what should be asked.

THESE Questions and Parts I would ask..
one of the WCC guys might be able to help with this as well.

Its an original 2008 Midwest show bike, with less than 500 miles on it. Forged by Jessie James assembled by Midwest and air brushed by DG customs!

This one of a kind bike not production bike cost $100,000 new.

It has a $9,000 Yogi bear springer front end - This does not look like most Springers our of "Sugar Bear Springers"

$20,000 DG paint job You can Email them directly to ask about the paint

$8,000 Revtech 100 4x4 engine - as stated above I dont recall this motor ever going for 8k

$1,500 Ironhorse transmission. - Maybe...

One piece forged frame that would cost $30,000-$40,000 for Jessie James to do. - One of the WCC guys could verify, but not sure he ever built this style Frame or Tank

The only bolt on piece is a Jessie James original gas tank that cost $1,200 new.

It has a $1,000 Dyna ignion and coil. this is maybe a 300 dollar kit, thats what I paid for a Dyna S ignition for my FXR

Harley gold plugs, so..10 dollar plugs

$400 Mikuni 44mm carb and air cleaner,

Ultimate intake,

$1,000 Paul Yaffe handlebars, maybe...but not a G

$300 Harley Davidson hand controls, as stated, maybe 150

$1,000 Avon cobra wheels and tires.

One of a kind $500 rear sprocket brake caliper,
$600 front brembo brake setup,

$300 Braided lines and cables.

$600 big radius chrome exhaust.

$1,000 Dakota Digital speedo and mount and indicators and turns installing soon.

$300 custom Ostrich seat,

$200 ko battery,

$600 ultimate thunderheart and wiring.

$300 keyed ignition with mount,

$100 S&S horn and cover.

$2,700 Ultimate 3 open BDL and cover stated above post's more than likely Ultima Brand, Not anywhere near 2700

$900 logging chain, chrome covers, and accents. - ask about "Logging Chain, and accents

For a bike like this, that is suppose to be stupid high dollar, most people keep receipts or documents on build, see if he has any of that.
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