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Originally Posted by vsa266 View Post
Hey guys, don't know where to post this(or even where its going to end up, as I post it now) If this isn't the right place I'm sorry. I fumbled around for 30minutes until i accidentally saw a new thread button. So again I'm sorry. Heres the story... Ive got a 2003 F350 Truck that someone wants to trade me a chopper for. I'm not really a Bike guy so I have no idea what they go for or their value. If you guys could give me some opinions on the trade, what I could expect to get out of the chopper, and how difficult it will be to sell if i decide to do the swap, I'd really appreciate it. Heres what hes told me about the bike.

Its an original 2008 Midwest show bike, with less than 500 miles on it. Forged by Jessie James assembled by Midwest and air brushed by DG customs! This one of a kind bike not production bike cost $100,000 new. It has a $9,000 Yogi bear springer front end a $20,000 DG paint job A $8,000 Revtech 100 4x4 engine $1,500 Ironhorse transmission. One piece forged frame that would cost $30,000-$40,000 for Jessie James to do. The only bolt on piece is a Jessie James original gas tank that cost $1,200 new. It has a $1,000 Dyna ignion and coil. Harley gold plugs, $400 Mikuni 44mm carb and air cleaner, Ultimate intake, $1,000 Paul Yaffe handlebars, $300 Harley Davidson hand controls, $1,000 Avon cobra wheels and tires. One of a kind $500 rear sprocket brake caliper, $600 front brembo brake setup, $300 Braided lines and cables. $600 big radius chrome exhaust. $1,000 Dakota Digital speedo and mount and indicators and turns installing soon. $300 custom Ostrich seat, $200 ko battery, and $600 ultimate thunderheart and wiring. $300 keyed ignition with mount, $100 S&S horn and cover. A $2,700 Ultimate 3 open BDL and cover, and $900 logging chain, chrome covers, and accents.
Is it the guy's list of parts or your homework?

from a brief glance-
couple of things on the list...a bit ?

Looks like 3.35" Utima belt drive, not BDL, they cost under $1000.

Revtech engine 100 go on ebay for under 4 k.

But overall 10-15k truck barter for 10-15k bike might be a fair deal.
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