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Originally Posted by eisej View Post
From what I know it was built by them and it does have the S&S and the Baker Tranny. And I think you are right about the frame. I have not seen the Demon on the recall either.

I appreciate all the information. I know it's a "custom" but was still hoping for a parts list. From the research I've done looks like I am going to have to document the parts myself.

One last question if you or anyone can help. Since I will likely be replacing the starter on recommendations on an upgrade? Thanks again.
Technically it's not a custom, it's a factory bike, the factory just went BK . If it still has the factory starter than there really isn't an upgrade. The Spyke startes are about as good as it gets.

I'd just remove the starter and take it to your local Indy shop and have them order you a new one. It's just two bolts, the cable bolt and a plug. Those starters are about $360.00. You also might be able to have it rebuilt. You can find the Ultima starters for about $160.00 on Ebay and Amazon. I've read good things about them but they're not an upgrade.

Good luck
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