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Originally Posted by Tx51 View Post
I had another set of eyes look at this .....he suggested we take wheel off to see if we could find the obvious...nothing. re aligned the wheel and we were off 1/8 inch on one side before the tire rubbed that too much?

Also, picked up rear of bike to spin back wheel...noticed only on a certain part of tire, chain rubs very little. Is it the tire, wheel, chain, bearings...or just ride da dam thing?!
When I put on my new tire thatís about how far mine was away 1/8 inch. I rode from Washington to California. When I got back the tire was pretty chewed up.It didnít rub any longer. I continued to ride it like that for a while. After a while I spaced bothe the front and rear sprockets out about 3/8 and zero problem after that. So if you donít mind your tire being a little messed up you can ride it with no problem. If you donít want it to rub space them out.
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