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okay, something to consider:

trees, even big ass trees like this one, sway in the wind. twist, more than anything. all those leaves and branches act like a sail, and the treehouse adds to that significantly. how much? maybe a couple of inches, maybe not seemingly too much, but remember that lumber is not nearly so flexible as green, living, tree wood. a couple of inches can splinter boards, and even these huge 2 x 16 stringers are no match for this thing in a heavy wind storm.

so, there needs to be some give, and since it cannot be along the stringers, it has to be at the top, or the bottom. rather than fashion some tricky slide at the top, and have potentially moving gaps in dangerous places, it only makes sense to provide for the bottom to slide a bit.

the easiest i came up with was for there to be a piece of plywood beneath the base of the ladder, supported by a light foundation that would help drain away water that would rot the base too quickly.


i dug a shallow hole, so as not to disturb too many important roots (you know, the things that keep this tree standing during hurricanes), and most importantly, to avoid doing too much work.

then, a little gravel to help drain away any water that might otherwise sit next to the plywood. conveniently, we usually have a spare gravel pile on hand at the farm most times. shallow blocks are nestled in that to provide a stable, flat base. cost next to nothing, obviously.

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