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last august, my son and i had our first treehouse campout. we were still using the aluminum extension construction ladder, and an improvised piece of plywood in lieu of a proper trap door, but otherwise we had what we needed.

except more spider killer spray. we definitely could have used that.

so, the next morning, while we were hanging out up there and enjoying our spot, i started putting a huge roll of 2" manila rope to use covering the gaps between trunks, limbs, and treehouse.

considerable time was spent whipping the ends of the rope with jute twine, to combat fraying. rope was then screwed into place with the least number of construction screws i could get away with.

to answer a previous question, this is how gaps in the wall breaches are addressed. since these gaps don't get as heavy an assault with water as the roof ones, i'm less concerned about waterproofing them. after all, the floor is gapped decking like your deck behind your house.

view from the hammock before:

and after:

this rope lays over the trim for the one window that does not open and shut (because of limb clearance--all the other 7 do).

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