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Honestly anything from the 113 up will make plenty of power. I like the 113 because it has a longer warranty but I havent seen major problems with the Ultimas usually minor things if any. I just had a 127 with low or no oil pressure right after start up. They sent my customer all the parts to fix it. The 140 has 0 waranty. The 140 is a little taller than the 127. (just under 1/2"). The tightest spot will be the rear rocker box.

Once you decide on an engine you will need a primary or belt drive to link the engine to the tranny. RSD trannys are scarce sometimes so you should grab one when you see one. Ultima has just got a bunch in they we out for over 6 months before these came in.

I can hook you up if you need anything from parts to just bouncing ideas or fitment questions off me. Just shoot me a PM here or an email using the link below.

The frame looks like a decent frame. Do you know who built it? You should have an MSO with that info. You will need the MSO to title it in most states. AZ I think is the most lenient for builders.
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