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When a voltage ..electrical pressure..flows through a creates current..measured in amperes...principal founded by Mr. Ampere....and calculated by ohms law.
Current flow is the work horse that makes an appliance work...light bulb..motor etc...
picture current as water flowing through a hose to operate a sprinkler.
water = voltage electron pressure...wire = hose, size of hose = force to the sprinkler..
Wattage is simply a math calculation used to measure the power used and dissipated as heat of a circuit or appliance..How POWERFUL is this circuit....or to charge you for your home electric meter..with out a wattage calculation, they couldn't do that...If you have a bad ground, you will tend to have higher voltages and less current circuit connection = no current flow = no voltage drop........but an intermitant ground can cause your bulb to fluctuate widely...spikes ...same reason they don't recommend disconnecting your battery cable from your car when the engine is running, you can burn components..with the voltage ..just because you are reading a certain voltage with your volt meter doesn't mean it is the same riding down the road..when ground is vibrating or other thing, it is not necessarily the spikes in voltage that would do the harm, not to a light bulb, a static sensitive semi conductor ,integrated circuit etc..yes, but not a simple coil of would be the sudden ground when it finally connects on the spike...results..high current spike..then heat and vibration..

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