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String of bad luck

So after inheriting someone else's unfinished project I have been chasing my tail trying to keeping the bitch on the road.

Bike is a Custom chrome El Dorado kit with a revtech 88 and 5 speed.

Shit like bent wheel flanges, the bike being wired by Ray Charles, pretty much every spacer being wrong, brake pads backwards, etc.

After chasing down what I thought were most of the problems, I had her on the road and life seemed good.

Then the stator took a shit, I replace the stator, rotor, and reg, no big deal.

I even figure out why the stator took a shit loose battery cable arching so bad it melted the positive terminal; so she gets a new battery too.

Perhaps I had one to many beers while doing the job, a few days later I am riding her and the the bottom end in knocking like it's got a warrant.

I cross my fingers and open the primary and find the problem pretty quick, the compensator pulley is loose and my drunk ass left out a spacer.

I take care of that and button her back up and it's all gravy, till I pour the primary fluid in and after about half a bottle is starts to pour out as fast as I can pour it in.

It looks like its coming from the drain plug but after eliminating that as the source, I notice that it coming from 12 o'clock postion above the plug on the back side of the inner primary.

I can feel a groove that has been worn into the inner primary that lines up with the lower half of the drive belt, I assume came from the shit show that was the spacer snafu when I bought the bike.

I never felt or heard any grinding and the belt looks good no sight of damage.

It doesn't seem to have worn a hole as I can shine a bright ass flashlight past the clutch basket and not see light on the other side.

So fo the leak I am thinking transmission shaft seal but I didn't think the fluid climbed that high during a fluid refill the fluid wasn't even to the bottom of the clutch plates.

I cant' touch the bike till the weekend, but I am going crazier trying to figure this out without yanking the inner primary.

I am glade I have the Garbage wagon to ride, so at least I am not stuck in a cage.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
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