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First build (bbc sled prostreet 300) all advice appreciated

So this is my first build I don't know what I'm doing but f*** it that never stopped me before. I figure why wait any longer so I started looking around asking questions meeting people and I ended up collecting all these pieces via Craigslist eBay Amazon and swap meets over the last 10 months and I've been putting it together little by little seems I've reached the point in which I cant go any further by myself and it's hard to find any specific information on anything big bear on line so I figured I'd give this site a chance so far I'm using it a Shovelhead engine off a 1983 fxrt, a 6 spd right side drive (rsd with chain) Baker transmission and a Shovelhead primary o recoeved from a friend that's what I'm working with so far i need to clean out the gas tank and oil bag make a wiring harness and figure out this thing with the primary amd clutch basket i like what ive read so far on this site so far everyone seems like they know what they are talking about i'm going to post a few pics let me know of any tips tricks or anything you may be able to give me on this bike heres where i need the most help the holes in the primary barely lined up with the holes on the engine and transmission so I made them a little bit bigger and it fits pretty well except for now the clutch basket seems to get in the way of the hear that comes from the starter and I'm trying to figure out if I should grind down the inner primary or find a different clutch basket and there was also a small gap between the starter and the primary I was wondering if I should find a different starter or have a welder weld some metal on there and file it down to make it flush
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